Update & Where to Find Me Around the Web Right Now

I have been remiss in posting this month, and I will come back to A True Testimony shortly, but I wanted to let you know where you can find me lately:

I got interviewed by the lovely and amazing Arielle Bernstein for the Saturday Rumpus!

Here’s a taste:

Right now, I am writing a grimoire/environmental memoir entitled Superman is My Temple Recommend, a twist on the ex-Mormon saying, “Jesus is My Temple Recommend.” It’s a textbook of magic that draws from Mormon theology, pollution science, environmental epigenetics, alchemy, Saturn Death Cult cosmology, theodicy, psychogeography, ancient magic, criminology, memory research, and of course, forensic science.

The ultimate goal is to write my brother into eternal life (which I sometimes believe in, and sometimes don’t) by incanting a magic spell for his atonement for his crimes. It’s an Isis and Osiris story, my own personal Book of Breathings: I am gathering his corpus delicti, like Isis recovering Osiris’s body parts along the Nile.

Last month, I appeared as a guest on Minorities in Publishing Podcast, talking disabilities and lit.

And a few of my posts have been picked up on HuffPost. Be sure and check out my review of QDA: Queer Disability Anthology on HuffPost. It’s an incredible and important book.

More to come as soon as I finish a whole lot of PHD applications. Yep, you read that correctly: PHD applications. Between the letters of intent, statements of purpose, artist statements, and personal statements … Stick a pencil in my eye; I’m done.