Restorative Justice and Sexual Harm

For readers who responded to my husband’s story, here is his first report about his experience at the National Association of Community & Restorative Justice Conference 2015, where he went to continue promoting his message of accountability. At the conference, he asked tough questions, delivered a presentation about power, race, and class in Restorative Justice, and met with many other survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

Restorative Discourse

This week I attended the 5th National Conference on Restorative Justice held in Ft. Lauderdale Florida. I was there to speak on challenges or problems in the Restorative movement that may result in creating, extending, or concealing harms rather than creating justice.

The conference was opened by Mara Schiff of Florida Atlantic University who introduced the first plenary speaker, Dominic Barter. Internationally renowned for his implementation of Restorative Justice in the Brazilian criminal justice system, Barter trains practitioners in facilitating the processes that have become associated with Restorative Justice. As he spoke about the benefits of Restorative processes Barter brought up that as rules are created for Restorative Justice and Restorative Practices, the process of creating the rules can block or exclude people who don’t accept, can’t meet, or who culturally engage in different manners than those who are establishing and preparing the “restorative” process. These comments opened the door…

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